Our Local Commitment

As a professional service provider, we stay in touch with you and your business from financial performance to the nuts and bolts of your organization. We are accessible and ensure that we provide the personal service that you require to be successful.

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Our Location

162 w Stewart Street
(adjacent to the Post Office)
Vanderhoof, BC

Mailing address:
PO Box 688
Vanderhoof, BC  V0J 3A0

Tel: (250) 567-9437
Fax: (250) 567-9478

ProTec’s Mission


ProTec Accounting is committed to delivering the best in professional services to our clients as well as learning and growing as professionals. We ensure your compliance with standards and regulatory requirements and provide sound financial advice.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue to be the leading full-service, independent firm of accountants in Vanderhoof and the surrounding area.

We provide excellence in:

 ·    Service to our local clients

 ·    Expertise and knowledge

 ·    Professionalism

 ·    Value added

 ·   Associate for complex corporate tax

Summary of services:

 ·    Daily/monthly Bookkeeping (including HST/GST/PST filing & payroll processing)

 ·    Compilation financial statement preparation (Notice to Reader)

 ·    Personal tax and Corporate tax processing

 ·    Tax year filings such as T3's and T4's

 ·    Trust returns - T5's

 ·    Estate planning

 ·    Financial and tax planning/advice including farm consulting

 ·    Business startups, Incorporating and Corporate restructuring

 ·   Sage 50 software installation and support (including systems design)


Day to day accounting is important and necessary. This requires not only technical accounting knowledge, but also an excellent grasp of your business, industry and needs of your stakeholders.

Every day you need to review strategic performance, manage cash flow, consider key transactions and finance your operations. Our accounting services provide you with information to make good business decisions, satisfy stakeholders and keep you successful.

We provide our clients with:

 ·   Financial statement preparation, which is a compilation of your general ledger into an understandable set of statements that follows best practices and professional standards. Our team takes your numbers and builds a reliable set of financial statements for various stakeholders, compliance requirements and general business decision making

 ·   Day-to-day bookkeeping along with your internal financial statements and year-end statements. Our bookkeeping services perform this task accurately and efficiently, aimed at keeping you focused on your core business

 ·   Payroll, allowing you worry-free remittance of statutory deductions and satisfying reporting requirements


Taxation impacts everyone – individuals and corporations. All transactions, financing structures, management of wealth and other forms of financial management need to consider tax implications. Our services include both corporate and personal tax compliance and planning, estate and succession planning, assistance with federal and provincial income tax.

ProTec Accounting also provides advisory services in strategic planning as it relates to taxation and your unique environment. When finalizing large transactions, we can provide you with an outline of the tax consequences and advise you on how best to structure the transactions from a tax perspective.

Canadian Compliance

Individuals and businesses require an integrated quality service that ensures that tax compliance is efficient and minimizes the tax burden for future generations. With our tax services, you can be assured that key compliance due dates are met, the appropriate information is filed, and interest and penalties are avoided.

Services include:

 ·    Preparation of provincial and federal corporate and personal tax returns

 ·    HST, GST and PST tax filing

 ·    Payroll remittances

 ·    Other tax credit and tax programs, as applicable

 ·    Industry specific monthly reporting

Succession and Strategic Planning

Succession planning has become a key component of managing businesses or personal finances. Without a good succession plan, many clients may find themselves in a very difficult situation, particularly as they reach the stage whereby they wish to transfer wealth or exit the business.

Succession planning at ProTec Accounting includes exploring options that work with your business or personal situation. We identify your key requirements and needs, and develop an action plan that considers the transferable value of your business or assets. It is important that potential issues, particularly relating to tax implications, are determined in the initial stages of the plan. We then work with you to investigate options and develop and administer a comprehensive plan.

Strategic tax planning is all about tax minimization and protecting your assets. Our services consider corporate restructuring and remuneration strategies, preparation of trust tax returns, corporate and personal tax planning, estate planning or other significant transactions. There could also be opportunities for assistance with tax credit filing and other government programs that may be available.

Business Advisory and Consulting

Business owners and managers are experts in operating their business, and with ProTec Accounting’s business advisory services they can focus on what they do best. ProTec Accounting is part of the team in driving success, and we use our tax and accounting expertise to help move companies forward.

We work with clients to help them optimize their ideas, plans and strategies into a tangible reality..

Some of our services include:

 ·    Business coaching and review meetings

 ·    Software and systems design and installation such as Sage 50/Quickbooks

 ·    Cash flow forecasts and management

 ·    Referrals to other professionals as appropriate

 ·    Financial guidance as to business structures

 ·    Financial knowledge as to the unique business intricacies of certain industries such as non-profit societies, farming, logging and transportation (eg: AgriStability, fuel rebates, SCSBC, Charity Returns)


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